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Everything rotates around somethinig all of the time. Everything in the Universe exists because it rotates around something. God can only manage the existence of the Universe if He can get everything to spin around something. We have to understand the basics of Rotation if we are going to build spaceships that will help us to explore the Universe. Please look at the following argument about Rotation.

Basic Concepts of the Rotation of a Planetary Disc

The Central Radius of the Planetary Disc is 3,500 Miles.  The Rotational Distance of Radius Arc B is 6,500 Miles.  What is the Total Rotational Distance of the Disc Considering That the Planetary Disc Radius is 3,500 Miles long.   What is The Rotational Velocity For The Disc.  What Is the Rotational Distance of Arc A If It Is 28°?  What Is the Angular Distance of Arc B If The Planetary Disc Radius for Arc B is 6,500 Miles Long?

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Our young adults need to understand what contraception, or birth control, really is. Birth control is an effort to stop God from creating a new human life in His Factory of Human Life inside of a woman's body. Birth control defeats the true purpose of sexual intimacy. The successful use of birth control means that a man and a woman that have been sharing sexual intimacy have been successful in stopping God in His efforts to create a new human life inside of a woman's body. The successful use of birth control means that a couple has forfeited the opportunity to give God a chance tobring a new human life into the world. A couple will share in intimacy but will accompllish the emptiness of what new human life that could have been. The couple decides that the only benefit of sexual pleasure of sexual activity is pleasure and that a pregnancy and a chance to have a new human life in their lives is not worth the effort. Does God deserv that kind of pain and rejection?


We all hope that we will one day achieve salvation from the suffering that we encounter on a daily basis. God's suffering does not want to end. Our suffering does not want to end. We must work to collectively find God. We must work with God to end His suffering and to end our suffering. We must learn how to communicate with God from the time that we are children. We must understand the joy that we could achieve if we could unite with all of our brothers and sisters all over the world to end violence, hatred, starvation, poverty, substance abuse, and crimes. We msut discover that God exists in our lives. We all must dream about achieving salvation and to form a bond with God that will stop all suffering in His Universe forever. That is what our website is all about.



  • All Students Have the Right To Find God In Their Lives.
  • Our Students Have an Obligation to Recognize the Existence of God in Their Lives.
  • All Students Have An Obligation to God to To Pray and To Communicate With Him on a Daily Basis.
  • We Injure God When We Believe That Our Public-School Students Should Be Exempt From Daily Prayers and Communicating With God.
  • It Is Important To Teach Students To Pray No Matter What School They Attend From The Time That They Are Toddlers.
  • All Students Must Achieve an Attachment to God in Their Lives As Their Obligation To God.
  • All Private And Public School Students Must Find God Through Prayer Regardless of What School They Will Be Attending.
  • All Students Must Understand That God Is Part of Their Everyday Lives. They Must Understand That They Must Respond To The Love of God In The Way That They Function As Part of Humanity.
  • Our Schools Cannot Just Allow Students To Graduate and Then To Self-Destruct.
  • It Is More Important To Teach Our Students How To Stay Away From Drugs and Alcohol Than It Is To Teach Them About The Civil War.
  • We Have to Help Kids and Young Adults To Understand That God Is Part Of Their Lives.
  • We Have To Show Our Students Certain Sexual Behaviors and Addictions Can Destroy Their Lives.
  • Our Students Do Not Want to Offend God. We Have To Teach Our Students About What Exactly It Is That They Can Do To Offend God.
  • Our Schools Do Not Have Courses In How To Achieve A Criminal History, How To Commit Crimes, And How To Achieve Incarceration. These Horrors Should Not Be Happening To Our Students.
  • God Obligates Our Educators to Rescue Our Students From A Life of Crimes and Incarceration.
  • Our Schools Must Help All Students from Public and Private Schools To Understand That They Can Go To God With Their Problems.
  • Our Students Must Know That God Is Always There To Help Them.

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