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Understanding Gravitation has been a mission for Humanity for the last few centuries.  Thousands of scientists and engineers have had to negotiate with the invisible forces of Gravitation.  Do we truly understand Gravity or are we just hoping that our inventions will negotiate with Gravitation and will successfully work?  Every engineer that designs a vehicle has to understand how to negotiate with gravitation.  Does a higher power help us to understand how to function with Gravity now?  Will a higher power help us to understand how to negotiate with Gravitation on a higher level later?  Understanding gravitation is the greatest challenge that is before our scientific community at this point in the history of science.  We must understand Gravitation in order to build a magical space-exploration program.  We will achieve our understanding of all aspects of Gravitation so that Humanity can finally achieve its destiny.  Please give us your feedback in our questionnaire about how you have felt about our presentation.  We very much appreciate your thoughts and opinions.  Thank you for visiting our website!! Thank you for your feedback!!

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All scientists must impress God when they are students.  God is a big part of the career of a scientist.  A scientist wants to explore God’s Creation.  Scientists want to work with God and with the Holy Spirit to uplift our standard of living and to bring peace and tranquility to our Human Family. The special relationship between God and a scientist begins in grammar school, in high school, and in college.   These schools introduce candidates to what science has to offer them.  God also discovers what our candidates for becoming scientists have to offer Humanity.  Developing our students to become scientists is a very important goal for all of our schools here in the United States and throughout the world.  That is one of the most important goals of education.


Scientists help us to function as part of Humanity.  Scientists work to fulfill the will of God and of the Holy Spirit throughout the world.  We will achieve a lasting peace with our brothers and sisters throughout Humanity when scientists throughout our Human Family work with us to finally find the One True God that exists in all of our lives.  We will work with scientists in order to find God, to find the Holy Spirit, and to accomplish all of the goals that they will present to the members of God’s Human Family.  We will see the end of death when we work with science to successfully find God.  We will find God and the Holy Spirit guiding us into a new space exploration program that will allow us to explore the Solar System.  We must be mature.  We must go to God to try to find Him through studying and working with science.



  • Educating future candidates to become scientists is one of the major goals of education.

  • We must come to the realization that our students can find God through scientific investigations and through scientific accomplishments.

  • We must help to prepare students to succeed in their training programs if they want to choose to serve God and to serve humanity by assuming the responsibility of a scientist or an engineer.

  • Our schools should teach our candidates to become scientists that will contribute to the overall unification of God with all of the members of His entire Human Family.

  • Scientific investigations to understand the nature and substance of God and of the Holy Spirit should involve undergraduates in high schools and in colleges.

  • We must understand that God plays a role in the intellectual development of all public and private school students and all religious school students.

  • Scientists should come to the reality that all students must benefit by daily prayer and by pursuing religious studies and to try to understand how to communicate with God.

  • We all must understand that we are all one single Human Family.

  • We all answer to God and to the Holy Spirit.  We cannot believe that we can live our lives without recognizing our mandatory relationship with God.

  • Our young adults should fully understand the benefits and liabilities of opposite sexual orientations when they have to decide if they will pursue parenthood.

  • Our students must understand that all human life and nonhuman life come directly from God.

  • Our students must understand that a woman’s body is God’s Factory of Human Life.  He builds human lives inside of the bodies of women.

  • We should pray for our brothers and sisters all over the world that express the intent to want to inflict harm upon us.

  • We should develop technologies that will end poverty, starvation, homelessness, and unemployment.

  • We should look to the Holy Spirit for advice about how to correct problems in our life and how to accomplish the will of God.

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